Case Studies

Diagnostic Catheter Stenting

Direct Stenting via 5F Diagnostic Catheter

This 58 year old patient presented with stable angina. Coronary angiography was performed using 5F Cordis Infinity diagnostic catheters. During the left coronary angiogram, using a JL4 catheter, a significant stenosis was diagnosed in the proximal ramus.

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Direct Stenting in AMI via 5F Diagnostic Catheter

A 47-year old male patient with AMI was thrombolysed and subsequently referred to the tertiary care facility in Bern, Switzerland. Coronary angiography revealed the culprit lesion displaying ruptured plaque in the large distal, right coronary artery (RCA).

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Low Profile | High Performance

Distal Vessel Stenting in the PDA

Diagnostic angiography via radial approach reveals a 90% diameter stenosis in the mid-PDA, severely limiting blood flow to the posterior region of the heart. (A,B) The high degree of stenosis and challenge of navigating into the ostium of the PDA in this right dominant patient were considered in deciding the optimal form of intervention. Direct Stenting the lesion utilizing the advantages of the Svelte ‘All-in-One’ system was determined the best option for success.

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Simplify the Complex

Trifurcation Stenting with One Svelte System

A 54 year-old male patient with stable angina presented with occlusive in-stent restenosis in the LAD. In a previous procedure, a full metal jacket had been applied to the LAD. The patient was diagnosed with complex trifurcation stenosis of the left circumflex (LCX) and 1st and 2nd obtuse marginal (OM) branches (modified Medina class 0,0,1,1). (A) The challenge this lesion presented was achieving access to the OM1 branch with its very tight stenosis and acute take off.

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Bifurcation Stenting with Kissing Technique via TRI

A 69-year old patient presented with stable angina. Coronary angiography showed a Medina class 0,1,1 bifurcation lesion in the left anterior descending (LAD) artery and the first diagonal (Dg1) branch. The complexity of this lesion (ACC/AHH Class B2) was defined by the presence of tortuosity, angulation, bifurcation and calcification.

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Transradial Intervention

Shepherd’s Crook Stent Implantation in the RCA

Using a radial approach, diagnostic angiography confirmed a right dominant patient was diagnosed with a 90% diameter stenosis in the distal right coronary artery (A), compromising blood flow to the posterior region of the heart. The severe “Shepherd's Crook” (B) in the proximal RCA and the highly stenosed lesion were the main considerations in deciding the best interventional strategy. Direct Stenting the lesion utilizing the ‘All-in-One’ Svelte Acrobat Coronary Stent system is deemed the best means for a successful intervention.

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